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Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance tasks are access via Settings (iOS) or Preferences (Mac). They are a hodgepodge of utility tasks to help manage data in your Drafts installation. Be sure to read the details of each before using it, as some do permanently delete data.

Table of Contents

  1. Task: Reinstall Default Actions
  2. Task: Remove Excess Versions
  3. Task: Clean Action Log
  4. Task: Purge Sync Transactions

Task: Reinstall Default Actions

Use this action to reinstall the current versions of the five default actions groups installed with a new, clean installation of Drafts. This will not alter your existing groups, it will just install fresh versions of these groups. If you are trying to replace your existing versions, you will need to delete them first.

Note that any of these groups can also be installed individually from the Directory. Links to each is available in the docs.

Task: Remove Excess Versions

As you make modifications to drafts, the app keeps a version history. Over time, especially if you often modify some of the same drafts, the number of saved versions can build up. This does not cause any harm, but if you are looking to save some iCloud storage space, you can use this task to delete excessive versions from the history. The task will prompt with the following options:

  • Versions to keep per draft: Select the maximum number of versions to keep per draft. Select β€œ0” to remove all versions, β€œAll” to not remove based on quantity. If you select a number, the most recent n versions will be kept, and older ones removed.
  • Ignore inbox: If true, the task will only look at versions of drafts in the archive.
  • Remove duplicates: If true, any versions in the history that exactly match the current content of the draft, or any other versions will be removed, leaving only one version with that content in the history.

Versions removed by this task cannot be recovered.

Task: Clean Action Log

When actions are performed, if they are set to log results, they generate entries in the action log. This task can sweep the action log, removing any entries that resulted in an error, or were cancelled.

Task: Purge Sync Transactions

As changes are made to content in drafts, the sync engine keeps a log what changes need to be synced to the cloud and your other devices. These log entries are not visible in the app. Once processed, the log entries are no longer needed. This task can be performed periodically to clean out old entries.

In typical usage, this should not be needed, and is not likely to result in any noticeable change in Drafts performance, but after many years an installation may build up many thousands of log entries, and this might be useful to save a little space and prevent performance degradation.

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