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Drafts Press Kit


Drafts is an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch app that people can use to collect snippets of text for use later, whether it forms the beginnings of a shopping list, turns into an iMessage, or something else entirely.

What is Drafts?

Drafts is the place that people can save text to get ideas out of their heads. Some use Drafts to write down ideas that they don’t want to forget or items that need to be bought from the supermarket. If it can be written down, Drafts can collect it.

Power users can take text and use it in other apps via a growing directory of actions. Custom actions can also be created to do almost anything by sending text to other apps.

No matter where text might end up, it always begins in Drafts. To make getting text into the app as quick and easy as possible, Drafts opens to an empty page. People simply type. Drafts automatically saves everything, ready to be processed later.

Users can:

  • Use Drafts to jot down ideas when they occur to them to make sure they don’t get forgotten.
  • Write down items that need to be added to a shopping list when they notice they need to be replenished.
  • Use Drafts actions to process text for use in other apps including calendars, task managers, full-fledged text editors, and more.
  • Note down any text, long or short, that they don’t want to have to keep in their head for use later.
  • Organize drafts by adding tags then use those tags to create Workspaces. A Workspace is similar to a saved search, giving people instant access to all drafts with a particular tag while applying custom sort options.
  • Customize Drafts with themes, custom icons, and more.
  • Make use of multiple text formatting options including Markdown while enjoying syntax highlighting.
  • Make full use of the computer on their wrist – Drafts comes with an Apple Watch app that’s the perfect companion for its iPhone, iPad, and Mac counterpart. Quick text entry via voice and keyboard has never been so easy.

Who is Drafts for?

Drafts can be used by anyone who wants to save text for later. However, two groups of people in particular find Drafts invaluable:

  • People who live by the principles of GTD and prefer to write down everything from tasks that need to be entered into a task management system to shower thoughts and everything in between.
  • Fans of automation and advanced computing techniques that use Drafts as the starting point for a powerful system of tools, apps, and services.

Drafts also has an active and friendly community of users who create and share actions, help others, and more.


Drafts is a free download for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. An optional Drafts Pro subscription unlocks the following features and capabilities.

  • Create and Edit Actions
  • Themes and Icons - suit the experience to your tastes with themes, custom app icons, and more
  • Workspaces
  • Extra widgets and better share extension options
  • Enhanced Automation


  • Drafts - Overview: Vimeo | YouTube
    • A quick introduction to how to use Drafts for quick capture and acting on text.
  • Drafts - What’s New: Vimeo | YouTube
    • A short tour of some highlights of the new Drafts 5 release for people familiar with Drafts.


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