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Drafts Pro

Drafts is free to use, with unlimited ability to create, edit and sync drafts, and run actions installed with the app or from the Directory. Drafts Pro is a subscription, which unlocks advanced features.

Table of Contents

  1. Drafts Pro Features
  2. Pricing
  3. How to Enable Drafts Pro
  4. About iOS and Mac Subscriptions
  5. Family Sharing
  6. Managing Your Subscription
  7. What is Drafts “Patron” Subscription?

Drafts Pro Features

iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch

A single Pro subscription unlocks all Pro features across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. (Requires the same iCloud account be used on all devices sharing a subscription, Details). Drafts Pro supports Family Sharing.

Create and Edit Actions

Unlimited flexibility to create, customize and extend actions. Pre-configure recipients for messages, integrate with third party apps, or take advantage of advanced scripting.

Themes, Syntaxes, and Icons

Make the editing experience suit your tastes. Dark, solarized and themes with automatic switching. Customize the app home screen icons on iOS. Install and use custom syntax highlighting definitions. Details


Take control of your drafts list with saved workspaces which can restore preferred tag, query, and sort settings.

Mail Drop

Get a unique email address that can be used to send email to Drafts. Just send or forward emails, and they will appear in your Drafts library. More info.

Widgets and Sharing

Access drafts directly from enhanced widgets. Append and prepend to drafts in the Share extension (iOS) or capture window (Mac).

Enhanced Automation

Access Drafts actions and features as services utilizing advanced Shortcuts on iOS and incoming URL schemes from other apps.

Support Development

We are always working hard to expand the capabilities of Drafts and up-to-date with the latest technologies. Your support helps keep the app growing!


Drafts Pro is a single, universal subscription for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch - or Mac. Drafts Pro offers two purchase options, available in-app on iPad, iPhone or Mac:

  • $19.99 USD per year (with Free 7 Day Trial)
  • $1.99 USD per month
  • Both monthly and annual options support Family Sharing

How to Enable Drafts Pro

Drafts Pro can be purchased in the app on iPhone, iPad or Mac. On iPhone and iPad, tap the Settings gear at the lower right and “Learn More” about Drafts Pro at the top of that screen. On Mac, select Drafts > Preferences from the main menu, and open the “Drafts Pro” tab to the right. Drafts will also prompt offering the Pro subscription when you use features which require it.

About iOS and Mac Subscriptions

A Drafts Pro subscription can be purchased in the iOS or Mac app. Drafts will share subscriptions purchased on either the iOS or Mac App Store across your devices when using the same iCloud account, with iCloud Drive active, on all devices (e.g. if your Drafts data is syncing, your subscription status will as well).

Because the subscriptions are separate, you can only restore that purchase on the platform it was made. This is mostly likely an issue in cases where you wish to share your subscription via Family Sharing. For example, if you purchase on Mac, and have a family member who only has iOS devices, they will not be able to unlock the Pro features on those devices directly. If you need more help choosing which platform to activate on, please get in touch.

Family Sharing

A single Drafts Pro subscription may be shared with other people in your Family Sharing. Your data is not shared, only the subscription features. For details on enabling Family Sharing, see this article.

Managing Your Subscription

Subscriptions are managed through your App Store account, accessed through your profile in the App Store app on iOS or macOS. Visit your subscription management page. Links to manage your subscription are also provided in the app (In Settings on iOS, in Preferences > Drafts Pro on Mac).

What is Drafts “Patron” Subscription?

Over the years, many users have asked how they could better support Drafts…saying things like, “I would pay twice the price.” If you are one of those people, the Drafts Patron level subscription is available. This level does not unlock any additional features over the standard Pro subscription, but if you enjoy Drafts and want to support it at a higher level, consider switching to the “Patron” option. You can do so by editing any existing subscription in the App Store.

You will not be charged immediately for any change to Patron, but the next time your subscription is due to renew, the new pricing will take effect.

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