If you have enabled iCloud Sync Drafts is always storing data in the cloud, which serves as a backup if you lose a device or similar, but those only represent a snapshot of the current state of your Drafts data. Drafts can also create on-demand or automated periodic backups of drafts and action groups. These backups can be imported back into Drafts if needed.

iOS Mac


To make a backup on-demand, or to enable periodic backups visit Settings > Storage > Backups (iOS) or File > Preferences > Backups (macOS).

Use the “Backup Now” button to run immediate backups, or enable periodic backups and select an interval to automatically backup your data to the Drafts/Backups folder in your iCloud Drive.

If periodic backups are enabled, for either drafts or action groups, these periodic backups will be created in the background when the selected interval has been exceeded. Exactly when those backups will be run depends on how often you launch and use Drafts.

Note: If you enable periodic backups, it is generally only needed on one of your devices. For example, if you use Drafts most often on your iPhone, you might enable periodic backup on that device - and NOT on your iPad.

Restoring Backups

Backup files can be reimported into Drafts. When importing a backup file, the data (drafts or action groups) will be imported as new data, not replace any existing data, so be careful not to create duplicate data. If you need assistance with a restore strategy, please contact support.


  • All export files may be re-imported into drafts by visiting the Files app, browsing to the file, and selecting “Copy to Drafts”.
  • Drafts export files will have the “.draftsBackup” file extension. The content is encoded in JSON format.
  • Action Groups are backed up as individual files with “.draftsActionGroup” extensions. These are in a native compressed format, but can be re-imported into Drafts at any time.
  • Drafts does not currently perform clean up of older backup files. If periodic backups are enabled, you may wish to periodically clean up the /Drafts/Backups folder in iCloud Drive.