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Scanning and Live Text

Typing is great. Dictation is fine. But sometimes you might want to capture text from paper, a photo, or the camera live. Drafts provides a document scanning to OCR interface to capture text documents (even multi-page documents), or works great with Apple’s “Live Text” feature.

Table of Contents

  1. Document Scanning
  2. Live Text

Document Scanning

iOS macOS

On iOS, Drafts can utilizing the document scanner to convert all the identified text on scanned pages to a draft. Much like the document scanning features in Apple Notes, the scanner will automatically identify pages of a document, allow you to scan multiple pages, etc., but instead of outputing a PDF scan, it will run the results directly through optical character recognition (OCR) and put the text in a new draft.


This feature is most useful for capturing clear, printed text from documents.

Live Text

iOS macOS

iOS 15 or macOS 12 (Monterey) Required

“Live Text” is a system-level feature added in iOS 15 and macOS 12. Make sure your system is updated to enable access to these features.

Live Text allows your iOS or Mac devices to identify and capture text from images or the camera. It is a system-level feature, but works great with Drafts to capture snippets of text from images in your photo library, on the web, or in the world around you with camera capture.

For the most part, on your Live Text enabled device, images simply identify text and allow you select it in the image. Once selected, “Share” options are made available, and you can send that text to Drafts using iOS Share extensions or Share and Services extensions on Mac.

To learn about additional ways to use Live Text, we suggest the following articles:

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