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iOS Share and Quick Capture

Table of Contents

  1. iOS Share and Quick Capture
  2. Web Template

iOS Share and Quick Capture

Drafts offers two options that are available to capture text through the iOS system share sheet in other apps.

  • Share extension: Appears as an icon in the iOS share sheet, and when selected opens a Drafts window with options to edit/adjust the text, assign tags/flags, and even append/prepend to existing drafts when capturing text.
  • Drafts Quick Capture extension: Captures the shared text as a new draft in your inbox without further interaction.


Web Template

In general, Drafts will capture any text provided to the share extension by the host app. In the case of Safari, when using the share button in the toolbar, share extensions can also access information about the web page currently being shared.

To customize the presentation of the data shared from Safari, a Web Template is available, which can be edited in Settings > Extensions > Share & Action on iOS. This allows you to configure whether and in what format to include the title of the page, source URL, and even text selections, if present.

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