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Drafts Public Beta

The Drafts Public Beta is a temporary beta program to help with the transition period this Fall while iOS 16 has been released, but Apple is still finishing up iPadOS and macOS updates with similar features.

Drafts 33 is out in the App Store, and supports all released versions of the OSes. But if you are running betas of iOS, iPadOS, and/or macOS, the beta program will provide a more consistent experience between platforms while we wait for new features like Focus Filters, App Shortcuts, and the like to be available across all the platforms.

If you are happy waiting another month or two, no worries. Just stay on the App Store versions of Drafts. We will have updates of iPad and macOS available in the App Store once the final versions of iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 (Ventura) are out.

If you are still interested, continue to get the details on joining the Public Beta below.

Table of Contents

  1. Beta Guidelines (Please Read)
  2. Join the Drafts TestFlight(s)
  3. Leaving the Beta Program
  4. Drafts v33.1 Release Notes
    1. 33.1 (151)

Beta Guidelines (Please Read)

  • READ RELEASE NOTES (Below). Stay on top of changes, and please test new and changed behaviors.
  • Submit Feedback via the methods below. These methods will automatically include information about the app version, etc., that are helpful for troubleshooting.
    • iOS: Use the Send Feedback link in Drafts Settings, or via the Send Beta Feedback option in Apple’s TestFlight app.
    • macOS: Select Help > Send Feedback in Drafts.
  • **For more general discussion and questions specific to the Public Beta, please use the Public Beta category on the Community Forum
  • Check for Updates. When new versions are in active development, new builds come out frequently. We recommend enabling automatic updates in TestFlight.
  • If using a beta on one platform, use it on all platforms. These updates do not require iOS 16 or macOS 13. So, for example, if your iPhone is updated to iOS 16, but you are still running macOS 12 on your Mac, you can still use the beta, and should use the beta on both platforms.
  • This public beta will be closed after the release of Drafts 33 to the App Store(s), at which time you can just install the App Store version over the beta to leave the TestFlight.
  • Backup Often! Enable Drafts periodic backup features.

Join the Drafts TestFlight(s)

Drafts public beta is distributed using Apple’s TestFlight. To join the beta:

  • Download TestFlight. You will need TestFlight installed on any iOS or Mac devices you plan to use the beta.
  • Request TestFlight Access. You will need to request access separately for iOS and macOS via the links below:
  • Follow TestFlight instructions to install builds via TestFlight app.

Please read updates notes for new version as they are released in the TestFlight app, or on the changelog below.

Leaving the Beta Program

If you wish to return to the release builds of Drafts, download the current version from the App Store, installing directly over the beta.

Drafts v33.1 Release Notes

**NOTE: See v33 release notes for information about all the new features. These notes cover only changes since the v33 release.

33.1 (151)

  • New: When running on an iPhone 14 Pro, with the iOS 16.1 beta, Drafts will start a “Live Activity” when pinning a draft in the editor. This will add drafts to the Lock Screen and the Dynamic Island with a link back to the currently pinned draft. This activity will only remain active until pin mode is disabled, or 30 minutes passes. The live activity is only created when entering Pin mode, so if you always remain in pin mode, it will not busy up your island.
  • Fix: Visual issue with tag sizing for 1 and 2 character tag names on Mac.
  • Change: Create tag token when selected from auto-complete dropdown.
  • Built with Xcode 14.1 beta.

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