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Interact (iOS)

Table of Contents

  1. What is Interact?
  2. Join the Drafts iOS TestFlight
  3. Join Slack Channel
  4. Documentation

What is Interact?

Interact empowers you and your contacts to get more done in less time, with features like group management, one-tap contact creation, and more you won’t find in the built-in iOS Contacts app.

Interact was removed from the App Store several years ago, but we are currently testing an update which is compatible with iOS 14.

Join the Drafts iOS TestFlight

The iOS beta of Interact is distributed using Apple’s TestFlight. You will need to install the TestFlight app from the App Store to download beta versions.

To request access to the Interact’s TestFlight, use the link below on an iPhone or iPad and follow instructions:

Only a limited number of spots are available in TestFlight! If you are unable to join, check back in a few weeks and we may have made additional slots available.

Join Slack Channel

  • Signup for the Agile Tortoise Slack Workspace. Discussion and announcements specific to beta builds and features are conducted in this Slack. Please join and use the #interact channel for discussions.


Please refer to documentation for the old version of Interact for assitance.

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