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iCloud Sync

Table of Contents

  1. Sync Basics
  2. Drafts Pro Sharing
  3. About iCloud Drive
  4. Troubleshooting Sync

Sync Basics

Drafts syncs across all iOS and macOS devices and backs up data to iCloud. Sync requires the same iCloud account be signed in on all devices and iCloud Drive be active. Information synchronized to iCloud include:

  • Drafts
  • Draft version history
  • Actions and action groups
  • Logs of actions performed
  • Workspaces
  • Settings and configuration options, including editor options
  • Credentials for services used in actions
  • Drafts Pro subscription status

If an iCloud account is available when Drafts is installed, sync is enabled automatically. Even if you only have Drafts installed on a single device, it is highly recommended you leave iCloud sync active to protect your data so it could be restored in a new installation.

Drafts Pro Sharing

Drafts Pro subscriptions can be purchased on either iOS or Mac, but the App Stores on these platforms do not share purchases directly…so “Restore Purchases” will not work on a Mac, if you purchased your subscription on iOS or vice versa.

Pro subscriptions will automatically be shared across platforms, however, if you are using the same iCloud account. If you are using the same iCloud account and your Pro subscription is not automatically recognized, please contact support.

About iCloud Drive

Drafts syncs using CloudKit, the same iCloud technology that lies beneath iCloud Drive, Notes, and other Apple services. It does not sync via files. Drafts can export and import to files in iCloud Drive, but content in Drafts is not directly visible in iCloud Drive.

Troubleshooting Sync

Work through the items below if you are experiencing trouble with Drafts data syncing between your devices. Be aware that a sync problem could be specific to a device, so check these items on all devices.

  • In the iOS Settings app or System Preferences on the Mac:
    • Is your Apple ID signed in and the same Apple ID in use on all devices?
    • In your account settings, is iCloud Drive enabled?
    • Does Drafts have permission to use iCloud Drive? In iCloud Drive options, individual apps can be disabled/enabled. Make sure the check by Drafts is on.
  • Is your Software Updated?
    • Are any Software Updates available for your operating system?
    • Are you updated to the current version of Drafts from the App Store?
  • In Drafts:
    • Open Settings/Preferences and go to iCloud options. Access settings from the gear icon in the lower right on iOS, or via Drafts > Preferences on the Mac.
    • Is sync enabled? If the check to enable sync is greyed out, recheck the above steps, as something in the system is telling Drafts that iCloud is unavailable.

If all that looks right and Drafts is still not syncing, try to reboot (power off-on) all devices. It’s rare, but occasionally iCloud seems to stall on a device, and this typically resolves that case.

If, after rebooting, Drafts is still not syncing, do the following:

  • Return to Drafts Settings (Preferences on Mac) > iCloud Sync.
  • Enable Logging.
  • Let logging run for a few minutes to accumulate some data.
  • Go back to Drafts Settings > iCloud Sync and send the logs to support.

These logs will give us additional details needed to troubleshoot (sync logs contain no personal data).

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