App Badge

Drafts can display a badge on the app icon to indicate the number of unprocessed drafts in the inbox.

iOS Mac


To enable the app badge, visit Settings > Notifications (iOS) or File > Preferences > Notifications (macOS) and configure your badge options as described below.

Available options

  • Show inbox count: Toggle this on to enable the app badge. If you have not enabled the badge before, you will be prompted to allow notification permissions. These permissions are required to display the badge.
  • Workspace PRO: If selected, the inbox count will be based only drafts that match the filters defined in this workspace. If a workspace is selected, the other filtering options below are disabled. More details about workspaces.
  • Count only flagged inbox drafts: If enabled, only flagged drafts will be included in the count.
  • Tag filter The tag filter allows filtering of the counted drafts by tags. This can be a single tag, a comma-delimited list of tags. The special value “untagged” is also supported to filter by only drafts that are not assigned a tag - and ! can be used to omit a tag. Example expressions:
  • blue, green: Only drafts with both blue and green tags.
  • blue, !green: Only drafts with the blue tag, but NOT the green tag.