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Drafts Press Kit

What is Drafts?

Drafts is a quick capture note taking app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Drafts launches ready to type, making it quick and easy to capture thoughts, status updates or anything else on the go. After capture, Drafts provides a powerful array of highly customizable “actions” (iOS only) to send text to email, messages, events, Dropbox, Evernote, social media, other apps – making it an indispensible tool for anyone trying to be productive on iOS.

Originally launched in April, 2012, Drafts has been one of the most consistently developed and popular apps in the App Store productivity category and has garnered top awards, including “App of the Day” features on the App Store, Macworld’s coveted Eddy Award in 2013 and selection for the Lifehacker pack of essential iPhone and iPad apps.


  • iOS:
  • Mac:
  • Pricing:
    • Free Download
      • Free versions allow extensive feature set with ability to create and sync unlimited content and perform actions.
    • Drafts Pro Subscription: $2.99 USD per month, or $19.99 USD per year with 7 day free trial
      • Pro subscription unlocks themes, icon customization, action editing, workspaces and other advanced features. Details
      • Pro subscriptions can be purchased on either iOS or Mac and be shared across platforms using iCloud.


  • Drafts - Overview: Vimeo | YouTube
    • A quick introduction to how to use Drafts for quick capture and acting on text.
  • Drafts - What’s New: Vimeo | YouTube
    • A short tour of some highlights of the new Drafts 5 release for people familiar with Drafts.


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