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Apple Watch

Table of Contents

  1. Basics
  2. Complications
  3. Watch App Settings
  4. Siri
  5. FlickType Keyboard Integration
  6. Interaction with the Phone and Disconnected Use


Drafts watch app allows for quick capture on the go, as well as the ability to browse and manage inbox drafts.


Once installed, you can launch Drafts from the app launch on the Watch. Drafts from your inbox on iPhone will be synchronized to the Watch and the following features can be used from the main screen:

  • Capture (microphone button): Capture a new draft with dictation.
  • Advanced Capture: (pen icon): Capture with options, which includes access to the Watch scribble handwriting interface.
  • Inbox: Displays count on inbox drafts, and tapping it opens the inbox draft list.

The inbox screen provides a quick list of drafts in your inbox. Tap on a draft to view its detail view. On the detail, the following commands are available:

  • Flag: Toggle the flagged status of the draft.
  • Add/Remove Tag: Tags can be added using dictation, scribble, or by selecting from recently used tags - or tags already assigned can be removed from the draft.
  • Append/Prepend: Use to add text to the beginning or end of a draft, either by dictation - or by scribble using the pen icons.
  • Archive: Move the draft to the archive.
  • Trash: Move draft to the trash.


Drafts offers a full set of Apple Watch complications. Enabling the Drafts complications gives you quick access to the app for capture, and optionally (with some complication styles) display the inbox count.

Watch App Settings


There are a couple of settings which control the behavior of the Watch app which can be configured in the “Apple Watch” area in Drafts Settings (gear icon at lower right):

  • Auto-capture: If enabled, when the Drafts app is launched by tapping on the watch face complication, the app will immediately enter dictation mode to capture a new draft. This is a time saver if you use the app often to quickly capture an idea.
  • Show inbox count (when possible): If enabled, most Drafts watch face complications will show the current inbox count. If disabled, most will not. There are a couple of complication formats that do not respect this setting do to limitations of the complication format, but most do.
  • Tag for new drafts: Optional, but you can enter a tag name here and new drafts created on the Watch will automatically be assigned this tag.


The Drafts Apple Watch app also supports direct integration with Siri, using the phrase “Create a note using Drafts”.

FlickType Keyboard Integration

Drafts offers integration with the excellent FlickType Keyboard app for typing directly on a QWERTY-style keyboard on Apple Watch.


To use FlickType with Drafts:

  • Make sure you are running watchOS 7.0 or greater.
  • Install the FlickType watch app on your Apple Watch.
  • Use any of the capture with options buttons in Drafts watch app (pen icons).
  • Select “FlickType Keyboard” as the input option.

This integration works by leaving Drafts to open the FlickType app, allowing you to type text. Once complete, tap “Done” in FlickType to return the text to Drafts. Capture will not be complete if you do not complete this step.

Interaction with the Phone and Disconnected Use

When your watch is paired and has an active connection with your iPhone, changes made on the Watch are pushed back to the phone more or less in real-time.

The watch app can be used while disconnected from the iPhone, with some limitations depending on the model and connectivity of your Watch. Dictation requires a connected phone or network to work. Other changes, will be stored on the watch and replayed to the phone when the devices are connected again.

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