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Theme Definitions


This is documentation for as yet unreleased features and is subject to change. Custom syntax definitions are not currently available in Drafts, but will be coming later this year. This documentation is provided to request feedback from parties interested in creating custom theme definitions.

Table of Contents

  1. About Drafts Themes
  2. Adding Themes
  3. Managing Themes

About Drafts Themes

Drafts theme definitions control the appearance of the editor, text elements, and aspects of the user interface (primarily on iOS). Drafts ships with a number of built-in themes, but also supports the creation and installation of additional custom themes.

Themes affect the display of text in the editor on iOS and Mac, as well as the interface colors on iOS.

Adding Themes

If you are interested in creating your own theme definitions, continue on to the Creating Themes article. To find ready-to-use themes, visit the Drafts Directory, where additional themes created by the community can be found and installed.

Themes are stored in your Drafts data, and sync between devices along with other data. Once installed, a custom theme is available to be selected. For general information about selecting and using themes, see the Editor Settings article).

Managing Themes

[[coming soon]]

Table of contents

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