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Drafts Directory

The Drafts Directory is a resource for finding and sharing Drafts add-ons. The Directory includes actions, action groups, syntaxes, themes, and workspaces created by Agile Tortoise, and also contributed by the community.

Looking to using Drafts with a specific service or app? The community site offers integration guides for a growing list of popular apps & services.

Table of Contents

  1. Installing from the Directory
  2. Updating from the Directory
  3. Sharing to the Directory PRO

Installing from the Directory

To install items from the Directory, visit the site and find something you are interested in. Tap the “Install” link on a device with Drafts installed, Drafts will be opened, and you will be prompted to confirm the installation and choose an action group for the imported action.

After installing actions, groups and workspaces, they can be modified to suit your needs. Syntaxes and themes can be exported and modified.

Updating from the Directory


Directory updates became available starting with v26 of Drafts. At this time only items installed after you updated to v26 or greater can be updated directly.

Items installed from the Directory retain a reference to their source. If the original publisher of the item (action, group, workspace, syntax, or theme) publish an updated version of the item, those updates can be installed via the “updates” button available on the edit/detail screen for the item.


Sharing to the Directory PRO

If you have created an action, or group of related actions, or workspace which might be useful to others, the best way to share is via the Drafts Directory. When you share to the directory, the action will be uploaded and it will be assigned a unique URL which can be used to send out to others or post on the web.

Even if you are only wanting to share it privately with friends, actions and action groups can be posted as “Unlisted” and only those with the unique URL for the action will be able to find it.

To share:

  • Open the Edit view for the item you wish to share (action, action group, syntax, theme, or workspace).
  • Select “Share to Drafts Directory” option.
  • Enter a useful description which explains its purpose. Descriptions can contain basic Markdown for formatting.
  • Enter a “Posted by” attribution. This can be your Drafts Community username, a twitter handle, or other identifier to use for attribution on the directory site. Do not use an email address or other personal information as it will be displayed on the site.
  • Select whether to make the post “Unlisted”. Unlisted posts will not appear in lists and searches on the site, but can only be accessed via the unique URL assigned.
  • Tap “Share” and the item will be uploaded to the Directory.
  • When done, you will be prompted to place the unique URL in your clipboard, or open it in Safari.

After posting, Drafts will keep a secret reference, and the same item can be updated to fix issues or update the description - or it can be removed from the Directory. Only the user who originally posted the action can update or remove it – though the identifier and secret will be synced through iCloud. When updating items you have to opportunity to add brief update notes explaining changes, bug fixes, etc.

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