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Link Mode

Table of Contents

  1. Link Mode
    1. Using Link Mode
    2. “Live Links” Setting

Link mode turns URLs, email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses into tappable links. Drafts identifies most common link types, highlights them and performs the default action for that link when it is tapped – such as offering to call a phone number, or opening a web link in Safari.

iOS Mac


Link mode can be toggled on and off from:

  • Link button at the bottom of the editor
  • (macOS) Editor > Link Mode menu

While in link mode, editing is disabled.

If you prefer links to always be tap-clickable in the editor, this can be enabled as a syntax setting in the built-in Markdown syntaxes (Markdown, GitHub Markdown, and MultiMarkdown).

To enable, visit editor settings, open “Syntax Settings” and enable “Live Links”.

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