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Utility Action Steps

Table of Contents

  1. Insert Text
  2. Define Template Tag

Insert Text

iOS macOS

Insert the output of a template at the current cursor position in the current draft. Can be used to insert any static or generated text.

Insert text is best used only for keyboard row actions which are shortcuts to insert snippets of text. They manipulate the editor only, not the underlying draft - so should not be used in combination with other steps which will rely on the inserted text.


  • Template: Template for content to insert.

Define Template Tag

iOS macOS

Convenience step to create a custom template tag based on a template for use in subsequent steps in the same action. The most common use case for this step is to create a single tag based on multiple template tags to use in an Open URL or Callback URL action step without needing to handle complicated formatting and encoding requirements when editing the URL for those steps.


  • Name: Tag name to use. For example, a name “mytag” will create a template tag [[mytag]] which inserts the results of the template below when used in steps after this one in the same action
  • Template: Template for content of the tag.

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