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Drafts Beta Program

Beta Warning

The beta program provides early access to new features and bug fixes in exchange for the promise you will document and report issues and give feedback to help make Drafts better. Do not join the beta program if you are not comfortable with running software that is not well tested and may have bugs and/or incomplete features that might put your data at risk.

Table of Contents

  1. Beta Guidelines (Please Read)
  2. Join Slack and Forums
  3. Join the Drafts TestFlight(s)
  4. Leaving the Beta Program
  5. Current Release
    1. Highlights
    2. Changelog

Beta Guidelines (Please Read)

  • READ RELEASE NOTES. Stay on top of changes, and please test new and changed behaviors.
  • An active Drafts Pro subscription is required to use Drafts betas.
  • Submit Feedback via the methods below. These methods will automatically include information about the app version, etc., that are helpful for troubleshooting.
    • iOS: Use the Send Feedback link in Drafts Settings, or via the Send Beta Feedback option in Apple’s TestFlight app.
    • macOS: Select Help > Send Feedback in Drafts.
  • Check for Updates. When new versions are in active development, new builds come out frequently.
  • If using a beta on one platform, use it on all platforms.
  • Backup Often! Enable Drafts periodic backup features.
  • BETA Reset: We periodically remove all beta testers from TestFlight. You may need to sign up again after one of these purges.

Join Slack and Forums

  • Signup for the Agile Tortoise Slack Workspace. Discussion and announcements specific to beta builds and features are conducted in this Slack.
  • Signup for Community Forum Account. If you do not already have an account on the Drafts Community Forum, please sign up. Important notices will be sent through the site – although it is generally preferred that beta-related discussions take place in the Slack.

Join the Drafts TestFlight(s)

Drafts betas are distributed using Apple’s TestFlight. To join the beta:

  • Download TestFlight. You will need TestFlight installed on any iOS or Mac devices you plan to use the beta.
  • Request TestFlight Access. You will need to request access separately for iOS and macOS via the links below:
  • Follow TestFlight instructions to install builds via TestFlight app.

Please read updates notes for new version as they are released in the TestFlight app, or on the changelog below.

Only a limited number of spots are available in TestFlight! If you are unable to join, check back in a few weeks and we may have made additional slots available.

Leaving the Beta Program

In general, if you no longer wish to participate in the beta, the App Store versions of Drafts can be re-installed by downloading them from the App Store directly over the beta version.

Current Release


Current release introduces support for posting to Ghost, and improvements to AI integrations.


Covers only changes since last App Store releases.

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