Syntax Highlighting

The Drafts editor supports syntax highlighting for a number of common markup languages, including several varieties of Markdown. Syntax can be selected individually on drafts, and a default selected for new drafts.

iOS Mac


Current and default syntax are selected in the Aa appearance settings menu on iOS.

Editor Options & Syntax

Drafts stores editor settings like font, line height, margins, etc., specific to each available syntax, so customizations made will apply only to the currently active syntax. For example, you might have a monospace font selected for the JavaScript syntax, but not for others.

Syntax Options

Drafts currently ships with the following syntax highlighting options:

  • Plain text: When plain text is selected, syntax highlighting is disabled. If you do not use any special markup, consider making this your default syntax for the best performance.
  • Markdown: Basic Markdown highlighting for much of the original Markdown specification.
  • MultiMarkdown: Basic Markdown plus highlighting for additional markup added by the MultiMarkdown, like footnotes, super/subscript, Critic Markup.
  • GitHub Markdown Basic Markdown plus highlighting for additional markup added by the GitHub Flavored extensions, like strikethrough, footnotes.
  • Simple List: A simplified version of Markdown syntax with support for lists.
  • Taskpaper: Highlighting for Taskpaper markup.
  • JavaScript